Holographic Stickers

Holographic Stickers

These cool holographic stickers are $3 each.  I designed them from scratch so they are unique.  You can't get them for anywhere else!  I'll ship them in regular letter envelope.  I can combine shipping on the stickers (my other items are from 3rd party print companies so I can't combine shipment on those).  Each stickers are 2.5" wide max.

Top left: Mt Wilson, the tallest mountain in Red Rock Canyon in NV.

Top right: Mt Charleston, the tallest mountain/peak in Southern NV.

Bottom left: River Mountain Loop, my favorite 35mi cycling torture.

Bottom center: Ring-tailed cat, native nocturnal racoon type cute animal found in the mountains surrounding Las Vegas.  The rocks/mountains inside the creature is of Calico Hills and La Madre mountain range.  The flowers on the tail are wild flowers found in the canyons and along side river mountain loop.

Bottom right: Cactus to Clouds/Mt San Jacinto: totally not NV or Vegas related, I made it because I did C2C and found no apparrel or merchandise for the mountain nor the hike.